4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Dental Health During the Holidays

emergency dentistThe winter holiday season is now fully upon us — and with it comes heaps of food as far as the eye can see.

However, few of your favorite holiday treats are as good for your dental health as you’d like them to be. From cookies, to pies, to candies, there aren’t many tooth-friendly options.

Surprisingly, enjoying these foods with your family doesn’t have to take a major toll on your dental health this season. And when 99.7% of us believe a smile is one of the top social assets at our disposal — and 75% maintain that an unattractive, unhealthy smile can harm one’s career success — keeping your teeth healthy has never been more important.

Enjoy all your favorite holiday treats while avoiding an emergency dental procedure at the local dentist’s office:

Be more conscious about your plate
When filling up your dinner plate, it can be tempting to load up on all your favorite holiday foods — including plenty of sweets. However, being more careful about what you put on your plate can be shockingly beneficial for your teeth. By loading up with healthier foods like vegetables, you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to visit the emergency dentist with a problem this season.

Bring a healthier dish to pass
This is the time of year when everyone brings something they’ve made to the table. Instead of bringing sugary sweets, try something healthier. Chocolate-covered fruits, fruit tarts and even pumpkin pie can be more teeth-friendly choices if you’re looking to impress.

Take a walk after meals and before eating dessert
Another good way to make sure you don’t over-indulge this season? After eating dinner, take a 20-minute walk. It takes this long for the brain to process that the stomach is full. By taking a walk instead of heading straight to your dessert, you’ll feel fuller and won’t eat as many sugary foods as you might otherwise. When the average cosmetic dentistry patient spends a whopping $5,000 to $6,000 on smile-enhancing procedures, you’ll save money at the same time!

Don’t neglect your professional dental cleanings
Even if you eat all the right foods this season, your teeth still need to be cleaned and examined by a professional dental hygienist once every six months. Avoiding the dentist is linked with tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions that often require an emergency dentist visit. If your next dental appointment is set to take place during the holidays, don’t forget it — you can’t afford to miss it!

Know of any other tips, tricks and advice for avoiding sugary foods and away from the emergency dentist office over the holidays? Share with us and your fellow readers by leaving a comment below.

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