Do I need to worry about dental x-rays contributing to thyroid cancer?

Are you worried about radiation exposure from Dental X-rays?

Fear no more! Dr. Dave’s practice provides you with a worry free solution.

X-rays are vital to your dentist helping you maintain your oral health. A visual exam can only show about 25% of your oral tissues!  However, due to the use of X-rays in the procedure, you are exposed to small amounts of radiation. In years past, x-ray procedures have used bitewing radiographs to capture images of the harder to see areas of your mouth. They used actual film that needed to get developed like any picture. While they were very effective, technology has advanced well beyond that with the advent of Digital Radiography!

Dr. Dave is pleased to inform you that at his practice you can take advantage of this great advanced technology. You might be wondering, “Why is digital radiography so great if it produces the same result as traditional x-rays?” The answer lies not only in the convenience, but also in the safety benefits. Traditional x-rays exposed you to minimal levels of radiation, similar to about 30 minutes of background radiation, the radiation you experience just by living on earth. Digital X-rays cut this radiation by about 90 percent! Furthermore, Dr. Dave always protects you from even this minute radiation with a lead shield vest with a built-in, ADA-approved and recommended Protective Thyroid Collar. Dr. Dave always uses these, no one even needs to ask!

Many people believe that they are getting blasted by radiation during dental x-rays…On his show (, Doctor Oz even sited that five or more x-rays a year increase your chances of Thyroid Cancer by four times. Simply put, this is far from the truth ( Through a technological design called Collimation, the rays are directed through a lead-lined column and out through an opening at the end of the machine less than three inches in diameter. This drastically cuts down on the amount of radiation to which the rest of your body is exposed since it is so narrowly directed at a target area. Dental x-rays are not targeted towards your thyroid. The image is then electronically scanned into a computer and is ready for use!

Not only does Dr. Dave’s use of digital technology have great health benefits but it is convenient as well. Now instead of having to wait for the images to get developed, you can see them immediately on your personal chairside monitor without ever leaving the chair. So sit back, relax, and let Dr. Dave show you the ease and accuracy of Digital Radiography! Please share any comments or concerns!

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