Give Yourself Something to Smile About Again

Healthy smileHow do you feel about your smile? Over 99% of adult Americans believe that a healthy, straight, white smile is important to a successful life. However, misaligned teeth can be more than just a source of self-consciousness -— they can also delay speech development in young children, contribute to poor nutrition, and unevenly wear down your enamel.

  • Speech Development in Children. The language skills we develop as children are highly dependent on the alignment of our teeth. Improperly erupting adult teeth can hamper speech development from a very early age. The sooner these misalignments are corrected, the easier it will be for the proper language skills to develop. In addition to finding a dentist for dental exams and professional dental cleanings, make sure your children are examined by an orthodontist once they start to lose their baby teeth. Today’s dental technologies can spot and correct irregularities long before they become problems.
  • Proper Nutrition. Your mouth is the first step in the digestive process, and the more efficiently your teeth can break food into smaller pieces, the more efficiently your body will absorb the nutrients that food provides. A well-aligned bite pattern, with no appreciable spaces or gaps when the mouth is closed, is a vital link in the chain of your overall physical health.
  • Uneven Wear. Can a healthy mouth save you money? Absolutely. If your bite pattern is uneven, your enamel can wear down more in some spots than in others, which may make it easier for decay to form. This can lead to increased future trips to the dentist to repair the damage. Braces and proper home care can actually reduce the likelihood that you’ll need more elaborate cosmetic dental treatments down the road. And if you already know you’ll need a procedure done, make sure it’s sooner rather than later -— the longer you wait, the more extensive (and expensive) the procedure could be.

Recent advances in dental technologies are making corrections, adjustments, and cosmetic improvements easier than ever. And with the obvious benefits to your health, your appearance, and your overall quality of life, there’s never been a better time to give yourself something to smile about again.

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