What Happened When Cows Wore False Teeth Will Amaze You

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A new study shows that humans aren’t the only ones who benefit by wearing various types of dentures to replace missing teeth.

According to a Dec. 3 The Cattle Site article, Argentinian researchers found that cows that wore false teeth were healthier and lived longer than those that didn’t. Cattle dentures also helped increase the number of calves per cow, due to the cows living longer.

Outfitting cattle with dentures also had no negative impact on pregnancy rates, body weight or condition, the National Institute for Agriculture and Livestock Technology (INTA) study found. In fact, no detrimental health effects were found among the cattle that had dentures at all.

According to The Cattle Site, the cows’ dentures need replacing around the five-year mark, with slight variations occurring due to pasture type, water quality and other factors. Researchers affixed the dentures inside the cows’ mouths with a special bovine denture glue.

No word yet on how much these cattle dentures cost — but it’s probably safe to say that these dentures cost a little more than human dentures prices! However, they allow each cow to enjoy a longer lifespan, which can help farmers save money in the long run.

Dentures have plenty of health benefits for people, too. They help maintain a person’s face shape and prevent it from sagging inward due to missing teeth, which can make a person appear older. They also act as a vital aid for eating and speaking along with offering a boost in one’s self-confidence.

Considering the health benefits that a set of dentures can offer both humans and cows, it’s clear they’re a great choice for anyone who no longer has all their natural teeth.

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