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Emergency Information

Emergency Information: 425.823.6820

Emergency Information

Toothache and no place to go?  No one to call?  We’re here for you!  Many of our patients who have been part of our dental family for years came to us first with a toothache needing immediate care. 

We welcome walk-ins (whenever possible we will squeeze you in!) and new patients with toothaches.  Give us a call and we will help you as fast as possible – often the same day.

As a patient of Kirkland Dentistry, we care for you 24/7! After-hours dental emergencies can be especially scary and painful. We understand. If you find yourself with an after-hours dental emergency, please call our office for specific instructions.   We have a 24-hour live person answering service to take your call.

In the mean time, here are some of the most common emergencies and simple solutions that you may try at home to relieve your discomfort:

Broken tooth?

Save the fragment if you can! Put it in a small jar with milk. This may preserve the tooth fragment enough to be re-adhered to your tooth. Call Dr. Dave immediately.

Tooth knocked out?

Save the tooth! Put it in a small jar with milk. This helps preserve the tooth. In some instances, the tooth may be re-implanted. Call Dr. Dave immediately.

Temporary crown fell off?

Let’s try to have you put it back on. Gently dry the crown (a blow dryer on low works well) and dry your tooth as best as you can. Place a small amount petroleum jelly inside of the temporary crown and put it back onto your tooth, careful to place it in the right way. Gently press the crown on. Never use any glue, especially Super Glue, in your mouth! Avoid chewing on this crown. Call Dr. Dave the next business day.

Permanent crown fell off

When a crown or bridge comes off, take great care to save it! In many cases it can be cleaned up and re-cemented. It’s very important that a crown, bridge or inlay that has come off be replaced immediately. Taking immediate action will prevent shifting of the teeth next to the affected area and those that they chew against. This shifting, which can happen in only a few hours, can permanently change your bite and make it impossible for your permanent restoration to be re-cemented. If your crown, bridge or underlying teeth have been damaged, a new restoration may have to be fabricated. Be sure to call Dr. Dave for an appointment while avoiding any chewing on the uncovered tooth.


You may experience the generalized “tooth ache” for so many reasons that it’s difficult to determine what might help relieve your discomfort. However, you may look for a few clues as to the source of pain. If you have swelling in your jaw, cheek, lips, or tongue, you need to talk to Dr. Dave immediately. This indicates acute infection and you probably need an antibiotic. If you are tender just around the tooth on your gum line, you may have a small bit of food stuck between your gum and tooth. Gently flossing followed by swishing a warm salt-water mix in your mouth may be enough to minimize your discomfort. If it hurts when you bite on it and have recently had a restoration in that tooth, the tooth may be “high”. Refrain from chewing on that side and make an appointment Dr. Dave the next business day.

We hope that these simple suggestions may provide you with immediate relief during your after-hours emergency until you can see Dr. Dave!

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