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Dr. David Richardson DDS

At every visit, my commitment is to heal your pain, improve your smile, and maintain the health of your beautiful teeth. My life’s work has lead me here to you!


I love the Pacific Northwest.   My family thoroughly enjoys the great outdoors and the wonderful community and culture here.  After graduating from the University of Washington Dental School, I served as a dentist in the Air Force for three years.  Returning to the PNW at the end of my service lead me to open a practice and serve you in Kirkland and surrounds.  Married with three children, I like to relax on the golf course, on a river fly fishing, or on a diamond umpiring Little League baseball.  Many times I’m asked what the best reward is for me.  Unequivocally, when patients love their smiles! 


Thank you for choosing Kirkland Dentistry for your dental health care.  You are why we’re here.  We appreciate you!

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