Dental Financing Options – Kirkland Dentistry offers CareCap Dental Financing

A CareCap Patient Testimonial

Sometimes our patients need an affordable payment alternative for their dental work.  We want to provide the best dental financing alternatives, so we’ve partnered with CareCap

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with our patient Janet Walker where she talks about dental financing with CareCap…

Several years ago Janet had a very unsatisfactory experience using a medical credit card, so when she needed assistance with monthly payments for this procedure she was looking for a very different alternative. Kirkland Dentistry had partnered with CareCap to provide monthly payment plans for their patients. When they suggested CareCap to Janet she decided to do her own research and chose CareCap.

What does she think of her experience with CareCap so far? Frankly, we were overwhelmed by her answer.

Janet said… “There’s a saying, He who serves, leads. I believe CareCap will lead the industry in healthcare monthly payment plans through their unique servicing model. Their approach is rooted in compassion and the result is affordable access to care that treats the patient with dignity and allows the doctor to be more successful. I hope CareCap has the satisfaction of knowing that they genuinely helped me by making it possible to get the care I needed. I am a big fan of CareCap!”

Read the full original interview on the CareCap website…


I can’t afford dental insurance and my teeth aren’t hurting…is a checkup really necessary?

Absolutely!  Actually, without dental insurance to help you cover the cost of restorative dentistry, it’s as much or more important now for you to schedule regular visits to your dentist than ever.  Preventive dental care, including regular cleanings, is a must for you to save you money as well as potential pain and aggrevation.

Restorative dentistry, like fillings, crowns, or root canals, is required when small cavities or cracked teeth become bigger problems.  These are much more expensive to fix than the regular dental checkups that would prevent them. Continue reading “I can’t afford dental insurance and my teeth aren’t hurting…is a checkup really necessary?”