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Dental Technologies – Why We’re Different

Our team at Kirkland family dentistry utilizes cutting edge dental technologies and innovation to provide you with the best in dental care. Among many dental technologies in our experienced hands at Kirkland family dentist offers you:

  • A comfortable experience
  • Excellence in care
  • Complete understanding of your dental needs
  • A foundation for trusting your care-giver
  • Shorter visits to the dental office

These advanced processes and equipment provide you with excellent benefits:


This innovative dental CAD/CAM system allows Dr. Dave to prep, design, and fabricate porcelain crowns, in-lays, and on-lays in a single visit. While you rest comfortably in your dental chair listening to music or watching a favorite movie, he prepares your restoration, seating it within minutes. No more temporary crowns, two-week waits, or potential lab issues.



Soft-tissue Laser

Reduce pain, bleeding, and accelerate healing.

Digital X-Rays

The lowest possible exposure for your health.

Patient Chair-side Monitors

Ease communication with a picture being worth 1000 words.

Intraoral Cameras

Video-camera and hi-res Still-camera for easy understanding of your procedure and insurance documentation protection

Oral Cancer Screening

Our oral cancer screening allows diagnosis of oral issues early for your protection using state of the art Goccles glasses.

Mercury-free Dentistry

No risk of metal interactions

Conservative Dentistry

The most conservative approach is recommended saving you time, inconvenience and cost

State-of-the-Art Sterilization

Assure equipment cleanliness and your safety

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